Tall Tailings is an abstract, distant view of the environmental destruction caused, and left behind by processes such as oil sands extraction, strip mining, etc. Many of these processes harm local wildlife and leave behind permanent, physical scars on the earth, as well as pools of toxic byproducts known as “tailings ponds”. Yet even as these processes are far from our everyday life, there are real people running businesses, making real decisions which leave behind such degradation.

Frontiers is an audio-visual work which is centered around ideas and concepts taken from the work of Raj Patel and Jason W Moore. The work touches on their idea that when Capitalism bumps into barriers, it must seek out new zones, or ‘frontiers’, of appropriation (cheap, or free, human and non-human nature) in order to remain profitable, maintained through violence and modern-day colonial power.

Displace is a short video work shot in and around the sud-ouest neighbourhoods of St. Henri and Griffintown in Montreal. It is meant to raise questions about urban development and the changes this brings, not only the physical identity of a neighbourhood, but to a communities as well. Images of the “old” and “new” are juxtaposed showing trendy bars sitting next to derelict factories, chic restaurants beside boarded up neighbourhood staples, and condos condos condos…